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Leonard Sperry

Whimsical musings of a Software Engineer, Seattlite, and Father

Time to get Healthy

by Leonard

Ok It's been a while since I wrote anything on here, and now I have a good reason. I've decided that it is time to get healthy. They say you can tell what is really important to a person based on where they spend their time and their money.  I think there is a lot of truth in that.  So, I'm going to spend some time blogging about my progress.

In order to see progress, you have to know where you're starting from. Today, I weigh in at 195 lbs. This is by far the heaviest I've ever been.  People who have known me for years will remember me when my metabolism simply could not be stopped.  I ate like a horse and burned every bit of those calories off.

That was when I was did physical labor for a living. Today, I'm a software engineer and I love my job. I get to be creative every day and solve new problems every day. Unfortunately, it also means that I get to sit on my ass all day. There are some things I think could help me out there, but the bottom line is that I have not been getting a healthy amount of activity in my day.

Hello daily workouts. We are all busy. Add kids and a home into the mix and it is very difficult to find extra time for anything like daily workouts. Rachel and I discussed it, and agreed that some piece of in home workout equipment would allow us to stay close to the kids and get a workout in. We decided on an exercise bike. It doesn't have all the features of other equipment like upper-body workout, but at this point, we feel the more important thing is to just get active. I does allow us to sit up and see the whole room, and it does have a heart rate monitor so we can track just how effective our workouts are.

This morning, I did a light workout for 20 minutes. Experts say a morning exercise routine can help boot the metabolism to help you burn more calories all day.  I'm going to try to stick with it for a while.  I also plan to do 2 - 30 minute rides in the evening that are more vigorous.

To go with the workout, I'm also going to make some better decisions about what foods I eat.  Instead of that greasy breakfast burrito, I'm going to start eating fruit in the morning, and I'm actually going to eat every morning. I've skipped breakfast for far too long. I've learned that skipping breakfast is about the worst thing you can do to your metabolism as it tells your body it needs to conserve.

I guess that's it for now.  Wish me luck!


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About the author

Leonard is a Software Engineer who works for a web CMS firm in Seattle Washington.  He is the primary technical contractor for Seattle Engraving.   Where he built a custom CRM to help manage customer interactions and will soon be rolling out a new and improved website based on Orchard CMS.

He has lived in the Puget Sound region for most of his life, and is a father of 3.

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