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Leonard Sperry

Whimsical musings of a Software Engineer, Seattlite, and Father

Little by little

by Leonard

Ok, so after 2 weeks, weight loss is not going as well as planned. You may have seen me post on Facebook yesterday about 96 calories. I discovered that's all it takes to gain (or loose) 10 pounds. If you eat 96 calories too much every day for a year, you will gain 10 pounds. The good news about that is that it should be just as easy to lose 10 pounds by making lots of smaller good decision. It just might take a while.

In the last week I have lost 1 pound. While I would like to lose 30 pounds before the wedding, and it is possible, I do not think I am going to reach that goal. It will likely be more on the order of 10 – 20 pounds, but it will be progress to a long term sustainable goal of maintaining a healthy weight.

Very soon at work, I will be moving to a standing work station. From everything I've read, once go to a standing workstation, you never want to go back. I know I've already had to do physical therapy for my upper back because of bad posture. With a little research, I have also discovered that I may lose 1 pound per week just from standing (500 calories/day).

So, I may not be down to what I consider a healthy 165 before the wedding, but by the end of the year, I should be to an even healthier 155. That is what I weighed when I felt the healthiest.



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Leonard is a Software Engineer who works for a web CMS firm in Seattle Washington.  He is the primary technical contractor for Seattle Engraving.   Where he built a custom CRM to help manage customer interactions and will soon be rolling out a new and improved website based on Orchard CMS.

He has lived in the Puget Sound region for most of his life, and is a father of 3.

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