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Leonard Sperry

Whimsical musings of a Software Engineer, Seattlite, and Father

Reclaiming my Wardrobe

by Leonard

You may have heard that I got a new bike. Yesterday, I rode my bike to work. I made it the 6 miles in 35 minutes, which is faster than the bus I am on at this moment. The ride home was a bit more difficult. Actually a lot more difficult. I took me 50 minutes to get home and I had to walk ¼ mile of it. For the moment, I'm only going to ride to work when weather permits. Today is a lot cooler and it is supposed to rain in the afternoon, and I just don't have the proper gear for it.

On to the really good news. I reclaimed a pair of jeans! They say when it comes to weight loss, you really have to gauge yourself with your wardrobe instead of your weight. Especially if you're adding a workout routine to your weight loss plan because you could be adding muscle which weighs more while losing fat.

I've also been doing a fairly good job at counting my calories except on the weekends. It's a little easier to do during the week because the schedule is always in flux, but on the weekends, I still try to make good decisions about what I eat. I've been maintaining a daily deficit between 400 and 1100 calories which should be a weight loss of about 1 – 2 pounds per week which is right where I'm at. Today I weighed in at 187.0 which is 2 pounds lighter than this same time last week.


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Leonard is a Software Engineer who works for a web CMS firm in Seattle Washington.  He is the primary technical contractor for Seattle Engraving.   Where he built a custom CRM to help manage customer interactions and will soon be rolling out a new and improved website based on Orchard CMS.

He has lived in the Puget Sound region for most of his life, and is a father of 3.

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