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Leonard Sperry

Whimsical musings of a Software Engineer, Seattlite, and Father

Busy Busy Times

by Leonard

Well, it's been a few weeks since I've blogged anything. So it's about time.

Life is crazy hectic right now. Everything is good though. The wedding is fast approaching. Tomorrow is the Bachelor/Bachelorette party, and the wedding is next weekend. The cake toppers we were hoping on, may or may not arrive in time, the harpist now has a heart condition and does not want to travel that far, and we still have not written our vows completely. I am confident however that it will all turn out good in the end. The rings are here (I recommend http://www.allurez.com/ ), family is flying in, and we have an officiant, and our love. Life is good.

On the weight loss front, things have not gone entirely on plan, but progress is still being made. After an initial weight loss of 15 pounds in a couple weeks, the loss has slowed to just 1 pound per week. I'm told though that this is actually the best way to loose weight. It's most likely to stay off at this rate. I've been riding my bike to work as often as weather will allow. I need to get fenders if I'm going to ride in the rain at all. I tried it one day and got absolutely soaked. I also re-learned something that day. If you have sufficient enough speed on your bicycle, rain drops will exit the front tire in a forward and upward direction where they will soon encounter air resistance and stop whereby causing you to collide with them. I rode down Stone Way the whole way trying to dodge the muddy rain drops I was causing. The good news is that my work is paying off. I have already had several people tell me that I do look like I'm slimming up, the shorts I'm wearing today now require a belt, and I have reclaimed several t-shirts and a pair of jeans.



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Leonard is a Software Engineer who works for a web CMS firm in Seattle Washington.  He is the primary technical contractor for Seattle Engraving.   Where he built a custom CRM to help manage customer interactions and will soon be rolling out a new and improved website based on Orchard CMS.

He has lived in the Puget Sound region for most of his life, and is a father of 3.

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